Doors & Bi-fold Doors Services in Pontypool

upvc, composite & aluminium

Premium Build and Installation

We ensure all the doors are of premium standard materials so that you get the best out of your purchases. From UPVC to aluminium to composite doors, we insist on providing the best of everything. Our good quality doors offer you excellent services that last a lifetime. The standard of your door fittings is first-class to guarantee safety and functionality. Expect sturdy door frames and premium glass with our doors – UPVC & Aluminium. We believe in our workmanship, and that is why we offer a 10-year guarantee on all our installations.

Meeting Your Decorative Needs

Our UPVC and aluminium doors have different designs and colours that will blend with your décor perfectly. We know appearance is a huge consideration when choosing doors. Our doors are all about giving you the beauty you deserve in your home. Whether you want aluminium, composite or UPVC, there is a style that will match all your décor visions. Look keenly through our gallery and see the options that we offer in designs and colours. If you need any help picking decorative features, we have experts for that.

Connecting the Inside and Outside with Bi-fold

With our range of bi-fold doors, you have the chance to turn your inside and outside into one space. If you want an alternative to patio doors, then bi-fold is the way to go. For one, you can let in more fresh air into the room. Having bi-fold doors connecting the living room and garden allows you to keep them open, especially when it’s hot. Now you don’t have to worry about paying enormous power bills to keep the air con running. We have Bi-fold Doors – UPVC & Aluminium that let you bring the outside in. Our products and services are available in Pontypool, in close reach of Newport & Cardiff.


We prioritise the security of your home, and that is we offer multi-point locking system with our doors. It doesn’t matter if you are getting patio doors, stable doors or composite doors; we ensure that they provide the necessary protection. With a multi-point locking system, you know that your children will not wander outside without your permission. Get different door styles for various areas of your home from the patio to the bedroom.