Windows & Bow Canopies in Pontypool

upvc & aluminium

Our High Standards

The right windows or canopies provide the warmth that adds a welcoming feel to your home. UPVC and aluminium are the two most common choices for windows, and you can find what you need from us. Our Windows – UPVC & Aluminium are of the best quality, and we make certain that you get the best value for your money. With our reliability standards, we ensure that you have long lasting windows. You don’t have to worry about replacing your windows frequently. We constantly monitor the manufacturing and that is how we are able to provide quality that our customers can trust in. With our availability in Pontypool, we are your one-stop window shop.


We have windows available in different colours. You have the freedom to choose UPVC or aluminium window profiles that suit the theme you want. Window treatment is a critical part of any home and that is why we give you alternatives. We have framing options that will expand your horizons in window treatments. If you want a traditional feel, then we have the designs for it. Enjoy the style versatility that we present with our range of UPVC and Aluminium windows.

Any requirement

Homeowners have different needs when buying windows. You may have intentions of changing your current look with a new decoration theme. Or maybe you are looking for windows that will provide energy efficiency. Our UPVC windows have the latest glazing technology, which provides more warmth. You get to stay warm without fretting about inflated energy bills. If you need optimum performance for your windows, then we can provide it.


Regarding the security of your home, we aim for the highest standards. The multi-locking mechanisms on our windows ensure that you keep your home secure during the night or daytime when you are not home. With our expert installation services, you get more than just pretty windows; we ensure your Windows – UPVC & Aluminium have safe fittings. We offer speedy and reliable services, so you don’t have to suffer any unnecessary inconveniences. If you are in search of windows that will suit your specific requirements, then our products and services are perfect for you.